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Hostel.Web Tutorials are now available on the CMS Website
Posted by Lisa Kapinski on 13 April 2018 12:57 PM

Introducing GuestCentrix Hostel.Web Training Tutorials 

Designed from the ground up for the backpacking and hostel industry, GuestCentrix Hostel.Web runs in a web browser and can be accessed quickly and easily via the internet.

At CMS we understand the difficulties training staff and sometimes you just want a quick solution, when it comes to Customer Support, therefore we have added some Hostel.Web Tutorials for your Team on our website. 



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GuestCentrix E-Messaging!
Posted by James Tintinger on 18 March 2016 09:30 AM

In recent months a large number of clients have been adding GuestCentrix E-Messaging which can automatically send pre-arrival or post-stay emails to their guests.

GuestCentrix E-Messaging enables you to select the specific guests you want to communicate with and sends an email at a specific time. 

We know of one client who sends a great email to guests that have booked through OTA's with various offers to book direct next time around!  


For more info click here <>  or contact

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Introducing GuestCentrix Cloud!
Posted by James Tintinger on 17 September 2014 10:34 AM
Introducing GuestCentrix Cloud!

CMS Hospitality now offers cloud hosting for all of our software applications eliminating the need for servers to be located at your property. 

Your data is stored on our secure server which is centrally and automatically monitored 24 hours 7 days per week. 

All you need is a reliable internet connection to access the applications.

We will take care of system backups, data security and maintaining optimal efficiency. 

We also take care of the database administration leaving you a stress free highly reliable hospitality software to use.


 For further information on GuestCentrix Cloud speak with one of our sales consultants.

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